Brands set expectations, and while faced with uncertainty human beings have a tendency to pick the more secure option. People know what to expect from a brand they recognize. Branding is a complex process that is executed throughout all kinds of media, from product packaging, TV commercials and magazine ads to interior design and logotype creation. Certainly, branding also applies to web design. Building a strong brand is crucial not only for large companies, however additionally for small organizations or even personal blogs and websites. Branding helps humans differentiate among the competition and fast judge high-quality. The web is an excellent surface to build your brand, so it’s important not to ignore branding when working on your website. Make sure to use all the different techniques to make it powerful, effective and outstanding.


Color isn’t just aesthetics – it activates and stimulates different emotions and carries with it subconscious assosciations to various characteristics and things. Choosing the right color palette is very important in branding. For example, the color green symbolizes nature, health, environment and it’s also a calming color, which is why in the medical field usually they use the color green. Red may actually increase pulse, blood pressure and respiration. It’s a color that symbolizes energy, passion, power and excitement. In the entertainment industry, it’s usually a good color choice for brands. When choosing a color for your brand, study it’s effects and associations to see if it is an appropriate match for your services or products your brand represents. Additionally, note that some cultures may connect different colors with different things, so it’s a good idea to double check that your colors represent what you think they do in the markets you operate in.


This is another factor to consider when building your brand. What emotions and feelings do you want people to experience when they visit your website or see your logo? What kind of things do you need and want them to associate together with your brand? Creating the aesthetics of your website can’t be about implementing the latest design trends, it certainly should be about making a choice on the emotions and ideas that you want your brand to project, and then working on a design that will just represent that.


Infusing your brand with a little personality can support you to define what it stands for. Does your brand have a persona? A persona is more than just a face in the design. It is a well-planned and thought-out part of the design process. Designers have to think about the persona of all aspects of a project so that the personality matches the brand and design. From copy and how the persona “talks” to color, typeface choices, and other design elements, creating a persona is an important part of design projects. Many people in commercialized societies use products and brands to define themselves, so shape your brand’s character towards something which your audience will like to associate themselves with.


Establishing brand consistency throughout your company is more than just setting the standards. Keeping your brand consistent, means you must uniformly brand yourself to your current prospects and existing customers. Brand inconsistency can have a significant impact on your brand recognition. To build a successful brand you need to make it memorable. What do you do to make people remember you? Repeat them. Consistency throughout your web design and visuals will build on the choices you’ve made earlier regarding selecting the right personality for the brand and evoking the appropriate emotions. Keep consistent colors, visuals, typography throughout to ensure your brand and website projects a uniform image.


It’s not always about what you say – it’s about how you say it. You can say the same thing in different voices and get the same meaning across, but your brand personality that this voice emanates will be different. The language you use in your communications has to reinforce your brand’s character and persona. For example, if your brand is down to earth and friendly, and your target audience is young and for tech-savvy people, then informal and fun tone of voice may work very well for you. On the other hand, if you are an insurance or investment bank, the tone of voice should definitely reflect that by being much more formal. The language you use on your website needs to reinforce your brand’s character and personality; so choose a tone of voice that suits your brands character and audience.


Getting all of the above elements will only get you so far though, because there is another very important thing to consider when building your brand: uniqueness. If your branding and website look just like the competition it won’t be unique. By putting in that extra effort to create a unique image you’ll not only stand out from your competitors, you’ll be more memorable. By making your company provide something that others do not, you create a possible powerful point in your brand. Brand recognition needs to be tied into something special about your company that sets you apart. Simply offering a different or lower price often is not enough to accomplish this. A key factor in being unique, however, will also be determined by your ability and promptness in delivering what was promised. Uniqueness doesn’t mean to be different but distinctive.


Last but not least it’s all about passion. We cannot stress out more the importance of loving what you are doing. Doing what you love makes you positive. You cherish life and think about it with positivism. When you are going to put all of your efforts into the work then surely this will result in profit. Business demands 100% hard work. Profit and loss are the part of your business and if you will work endlessly with putting in efforts, success is going to be after you at any cost. But you should be mentally prepared for all the upcoming losses as well. And this is what people who are doing what they love are always prepared for. They don’t make failures their excuse to walk out of something. Even if they face loss, they handle it and make it their strength, not their weakness. Your confidence is proof that you are doing something you love. Confidence is the license of your dreams. It’s easy to get caught up in defining your business model, how you will make money, and differentiating yourself from the competition but being your own passionate brand missionary and hire the dream believers is the key to a successful brand.