Creating a great brand for your business is all about communicating the personality of your business, your values, ethos and culture. The branding process can go through various stages of development to establish what type of look and feel will best communicate what makes your company special. We find that the best starting point and most powerful tool in driving the creative process when branding or developing your website for your business is your mood board. A mood board is typically a physical or online board that combines images, colors, and textures to define the style of a project and serve as inspiration. It can also be used as a visual communication tool to get your thoughts and ideas across to others, getting everyone on the same page.

Mood boards are used by creatives, clients, and teams in many industries and disciplines, though most often they are used in:

• Branding & Advertising
• Web Design
• Interface Design
• Interior Design
• Marketing
• Storyboarding
• Fashion
• Film & Music
• Event planning

Creating a mood board to present to clients or your team allows everyone involved to agree on a direction before too much work is done. Two people may use the same word, for example “clean” or “vibrant” but they may mean something completely different to each person. A visual can help everyone get on the same page. In the simplest sense, a mood board is a collage of photos, text, and objects. These images work together to create a cohesive composition of color, tone, and design elements. The images for a mood board can include almost any subject matter, from fashion design to landscape photography. Mood boards are excellent tools for visually combining multiple ideas into one new, original concept. For example, many client’s have similar taste in design; they want something approachable, chic, and sophisticated. However, there are tons of color palettes and design directions that fall into this aesthetic. By crafting a custom mood board, we are able to take a client’s style and make it unique for their project.

At the beginning of every branding and design project, we work closely with our clients to create a mood board that captures the essence of their business. This inspirational piece is critical for setting the style of a brand by showcasing colors, patterns, textures, and the overall feeling that will encompass the final brand design. Creating a strong visual foundation for a brand early in the design process means that our clients and we are on the same page and will, therefore, require fewer revisions as the project progresses.  

Mood boards show the client every element of their visual brand- all together in one neat document. They’re important because they help convey a brand’s values, attributes and personality in one glance.
It’s helpful to look at the mood board after the design process and check that all your additional designs such as social media graphics, prints or anything else for your business, is in line with the colours, fonts, graphics, images and overall identity that is on the board.

Does your brand have its own moodboard? We would love to hear from you!